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Our Pricing is Very Competitive!

Tempe Feed has been a Landmark destination for Animal nutrition since its inception in 1975, as well as being continuously Family owned and operated. As a result, you will find dedicated and knowledgeable employees to cater to pets and their owners' needs, no excuses, no exceptions.


We carry an extensive selection of premium pet foods without, "premium boutique pricing."

Our comprehensive inventory includes such items as:


  • Certified Organic CBD Oils & Chewables*
  • Top quality American-made, leather leashes & collars
  • Extensive dog & cat supplies & remedial products
  • Veterinarian supplies, vaccines, antibiotics & topical medications
  • Feed/water supplies, hardware & equipment
  • Containment equipment for house pets & livestock
  • Medications & Grooming supplies for all animals
  • Fly masks, insecticides and humane traps
  • Nutritional supplements for most species
  • Poultry & Foul supplies, incubators, food, feeders & waterers
  • Stock tanks, buckets, stall rakes and farm & ranch supplies


*Purported to aid with; Arthritis/Hip & Joint pain, Cancer symptoms, Situational Anxiety, Pain, GI Tract Issues, Inflammation, Skin Issues, and Epilepsy.



Tempe Feed Logo png
Dog Running in and out of Dog House - Home
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Tempe Feed Logo png
Dog Running in and out of Dog House - Home